CASE STUDY: Land Registry Compliant Plans

Parkinson Real Estate is well experienced in the provision of preparing Land Registry Compliant Plans.

During the course of all transactions, a Land Registry Compliant plan will be required, in addition to sales, purchases and lettings, there are also other matters where a Land Registry Compliant plan will be required such as the redevelopment of property or land be that reconfiguration or the creation of more demises.

Modern, high-quality plans are essential to protect your interests in Land and property. By instructing Parkinson Real Estate to prepare the plans you will reduce the time and risk of the plans being unacceptable to the Land Registry. All site inspections and measurements are undertaken by Chartered Surveyors with the plans drawn by time served CAD engineers who produce an electronic version of the plan in numerous formats.


Land Registry Requirements

The Land Registry’s requirements are as follows:

The plan must be drawn accurately to a standard scale - All measurements must be stated in the metric system. The most commonly used scales for Land Registry compliant plans are 1:1250 and 1:500 for properties which are in urban or developed areas and 1:2500 for rural land.

The plan must show its orientation - All plans must include a north point to establish its orientation.

The plan must show sufficient detail of surrounding features - In order for the users of the plan to be able to identify where the subject land or property is, neighbouring features must be shown to allow identification. This can be neighbouring properties, geographical features or roads to name a few.

The plan must show the whole extent of the subject - The plan must show the whole of the subject and be continuously edged with no breaks.

The plan must clearly state on which floor the subject is situated.if there are multiple demises of a block then each plan, usually floor by floor, should state the floor number. This is most often used for leases, for example, long leases of a block of flats.


Recent successes include:

Lancashire – Land Dispute

Parkinson Real Estate were instructed by the County Court at Liverpool as a Single Joint Expert to measure and produce Land Registry compliant plans and prepare an accompanying report for a land dispute between two landowners and an access road that was originally purchased for cash in the 1960’s and never registered. The detailed nature of the report, plan and service levels received positive feedback from the parties involved. The court was able to make a speedy decision based upon our report and plans.

Greater Manchester – Adverse Possession

Parkinson Real Estate were instructed by an official receiver to measure and produce Land Registry compliant plans and an accompanying report for the adverse possession of a parcel of land that they had been instructed to recover. The security they were asked to recover form a borrower was unable to be sold as an extension had been constructed over land that wasn’t within the title of the security. The local authority identified that they were the owners of the adversely held land and were willing to sell but neither party accurately knew the extent of the adversely held land. We were able to facilitate a swift transfer of the land via our land registry compliant plans.


To discuss your requirements for plans and surveys, please contact Mark Smith for further details.

Mark Smith BSc (Hons) MRICS

RICS Registered Valuer

Director – Valuation Advisory


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