Parkinson Real Estate Update to Covid-19

Parkinson Real Estate remain operational within the restrictions placed upon us and our offices remain temporarily closed with staff members working from home however, following the recent easing of some of the restrictions by the Government, we are now able to undertake more marketing activities than previously and are able to resume property inspections, for valuations, agency inspections, advisory and viewings.

Whilst we are now able to complete these activities we remain committed to ensuring the safety of our staff members, our clients and any of the general public that we come into contact with to minimise the spread of the infection.  We have taken time to produce policies and procedures to ensure the way that we work is compliant with the Government guidelines and allows us to work safely whilst continuing to provide an excellent range of services.

Here at Parkinson Real Estate we are taking the following measures to protect our staff, clients and the general public:

  • Risk assessments prior to inspections or viewings taking place.
  • Ensuring that staff members attending any inspections or viewings are safe and healthy.
  • We will continue to practice social distancing at all times and will remain within a minimum of 2 metres apart from any third parties.
  • The wearing of protective face coverings during all property inspections and viewings and, when deemed appropriate, wearing protective gloves.
  • All staff members will carry hand sanitiser in order to thoroughly clean and sanitise hands prior to and after entering a property.
  • During inspections we will limit contact with surfaces.
  • Where possible we will limit direct interaction with clients, third parties, viewers etc. by using digital technology and communication.

We kindly request that any parties that we make arrangements to attend site, whether they be a client, existing occupier, a party viewing a property or any other third party contractor or similar such member of the general public, that they also adhere to the following procedures:

  • Carry out their own risk assessment prior to attending.
  • Ensure that they are fit, well and healthy as are any members of their party that will be in attendance.
  • Thoroughly wash their hands prior to attendance and also thoroughly wash and sanitise their hands following attendance.
  • Wear protective face coverings and gloves
  • Limit contact with any surfaces, surveyors and PRE staff members will, where possible, limit the need to make contact with hard surfaces within buildings.
  • Adhere to social distancing rules keeping 2 metres from other parties in attendance including Parkinson Real Estate staff members.

We continue to following the Government’s latest guidance and update our procedures and policies as and when required to ensure our business remains fully operational within the restrictions Covid-19 is placing on us and maintaining safe operating conditions and minimising any risk to spread of the infection.

If you wish to discuss our availability to carry out a service, inspection or viewing then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team via contact details provided on our website  or the email address

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